Writing eBooks for Promoting Online Businesses Can Be Very Lucrative

So, you want to write an eBook and get it published? This is a great idea that many marketers have, but the problem is, they don’t know the first thing about it.

You first must research the niche you want to go into, find out what the target market wants, and then give them the information they are wanting. Think about it, if someone offered you information on something that was of great value to you, you would pay good money for it right? And, if it was instant information, such as an ebook online that you get access to right away, it becomes even more enticing to buy. If you were to start a CruiseToCash Home Business writing an eBook on how to Market this niche would be a great idea.

The first thing you must think about when making the decision to write an ebook is what are you familiar with? What do you know, and what are you confident about? Not everyone will know what you know. What are your hobbies? What do you feel good about teaching others about? What is your expertise? These are the things you write about.

One thing to make sure of is that your niche is not going to be under too much competition. Do some research on this to be sure you stand a chance at selling your ebook.

Once you have determined your niche and you know who your target market is, you need to know what these people need. What are they looking for? What information are they willing to pay money for? What do these people need that they don’t have? This is what you want to give them.

Writing an ebook is not as easy as you may think. It takes time, research and dedication. You must put all of your ideas together in a book that flows and makes sense. It also must keep the reader’s attention throughout. Then, when everything is written, read it and re-read it again to be sure you didn’t miss anything. Have someone else that will be critical read it as well and give you his or her feedback. This is what creates good ebooks.

When you start to write, don’t stop. Write down absolutely everything that comes into your head. You can correct it later. The point is to get all information out as much as possible. Write what you want to tell people.

It is extremely important to write your book in chunks. If you don’t, your readers will get tired of reading halfway through the first page. You should also write as if a 12 year old was reading your book. Most people don’t read above that anyway, so the simpler the better.

So, how do you end an eBook? How do you know it is finished? The great thing is, you don’t have to have a magnificent ending. An ebook is full of information and that is what people are after. Sum it up with a short conclusion at the end, and that is what it takes. If you follow some of these guidelines this will help your CruiseToCash business. You can even gain subscribers by giving away free eBooks to expand your business.

Create the Right Atmosphere at Your Product Launch

When it comes to product launch parties it can be a little scary and intimidating trying to decide what’s the best way to entice the most amount of people to purchase your product. I’ve been doing these parties for a while now and I’d like to think I’ve become a dab hand at it (as much as you can anyway). I’ve decided to share some of my secrets and thoughts so that if you’re wishing to hold a product launch party you can do it with the least amount of stress possible. I hope you find this informative and useful.

Firstly I would always recommend keeping to a theme as much as possible. There is nothing worse than arriving at a party which has clearing been organised by someone who has a ‘butterfly mind’. As it can look a bit busy and cluttered it can actually create a stressful atmosphere, which can lead to an unsuccessful launch as no one is in a positive mood. Although this all may sound silly the success of a launch party can depend on how our subconscious mind feels so as a planner we should think about everything from table decoration to lighting.

You want to take peoples breath away and make them feel special; special to be excepted into the launch party and that they then in turn should purchase one of the products. Sorting out things like Column lighting hire can be great for creating the perfect atmosphere. The best thing about column lighting hire is that it’ll create the perfect setting but it all goes back at the end of the night so you don’t have to worry about storage.

Don’t forget seating plans are very important too. Consider who will be best next to each other. If people feel happy and that they’re with friends they’re more likely to spend and if one person spends on the table the others a likely to follow. I would also recommend having small circular tables so that everyone interacts and communicates so no one can be left not talking about the product. If you haven’t got these types of tables you can easily sort out round wedding table hire. Although it obviously isn’t a wedding round wedding table hire is the exactly what you need.

I hope these few simple suggestions will help you and that you have a successful product launch. Don’t forget that it’s always worth taking a step back and having a look at what you’ve done before the party begins. That way you can see any mistakes or wholes in the process before it’s too late to change it.

Chicken Soup For the Soul Supplements – A Look at the Company, Products and Compensation Plan

With over 100 million readers, many people have heard of the book series by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield. Their goal with the books was to heal the heart and soul of the masses. Recently I stumbled across a range of supplements going by the same name, and couldn’t help but look into it further. Here is what I discovered.

The company

New Health Systems LLC, in conjunction with Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen launched Chicken Soup for the Soul Supplements in early 2006 in Colorado. They teamed up because they are all committed to helping others improve their quality of life, and feel great on the inside and out.

The products

Chicken Soup for the Soul Supplements cover a range of health, wellness and weight loss products including:

Women’s and men’s vitamins priced at $39.95
Chocolate Silk, Vanilla Crème and Berry Comforting – meal replacement drinks priced at $34.95 each
Energess – energy lift supplement priced at $39.95
Daily Calm – stress relief supplement priced at $39.95
Body Firming Crème – priced at $69.95
There are also a number of different packs available ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to over $1300.

The business opportunity

There is an affiliate program available. To begin earning commissions as a new affiliate, you must make an initial qualifying purchase PV value of $100 or more. The compensation plan is uni level, and is not a breakaway. Commissions are paid at 10% – 43%, depending on what level you are at.


Based on the success of the books, the company launched its supplement division as a $1.3 billion company. So you would certainly have an established name behind you. I believe that to make a substantial income from this, you would need to sell lots of product and sign up lots of people. I also believe that to really get ahead, you would need to have a good understanding of internet marketing.