Website Development – Pre Launch Phase and Importance of Coming Soon Page

The initial 3-4 weeks after the launching of your website can be very crucial. This is the time during which you may get the right for the branding and domain name, but the website may still not be ready for uploading on the internet and to be viewed by the target audience.

In these sorts of circumstances it is better to have a Coming Soon page as a preparation before the curtain rises. The coming soon page should be such that the visitor is tempted to read the content and know something about the company and its products or services. The email address should be provided so that people contact on the email address.

Building Hype:

Once the domain is bought, do not waste resources and time. Put up a rough content till the website is ready. Advertise the brand on the coming soon page in such a way that the visitor is able to gather maximum information. This can lead to increased brand awareness. This could lead to higher sales in the future as well as a big base of clientele. If you create hype then it is possible that the visitor may revisit the website when the website is loaded with all the possible web pages.

Embedding of images and vectors on the coming soon page can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the coming soon page. For brand recognition it is better to have your coming soon page have your logo or mascot or both.


The pre-launch phase of website development can be made very effective by using the websites that offer social networking and social news. In these sorts of websites there are a number of followers. This can be used as a platform to spread the word about the website.

The bulletin boards and the forums can also be used to share the URL link. The Coming Soon page should be able to re-direct the visitors to a part of the website so that the visitor’s actions are continued.

Using e-mails:

Conduct an effective e-mail campaign before the website goes live. An attractive signup form can serve the purpose of collecting the email addresses of visitor that want to be updated with the latest happening on your website.

The emails are effective at bringing back the visitors who had visited your website when its (website’s) designing was in process.

Newsletters constitute of small messages, unique graphics especially for brand awareness and the latest news collected.


The coming soon page should clearly state what the website is going to be about and able to create enthusiasm in the mind of the visitor.

Keep some space on the coming soon page for sharing the information as well.

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